What Bacon Can Acid Reflux Sufferers Have?

When you first found out that you have acid reflux, one of the first questions you probably had was about food. What foods can you eat or not eat? What about all of those foods you used to love, like bacon? It can be difficult to know which foods will trigger your acid reflux or keep your symptoms under control

Unfortunately, certain foods are more likely to cause acid reflux symptoms than others. High fat, fried, or acidic foods, including bacon, are some of the foods most likely to make your symptoms worse. In this case, you might have to get creative to eat some of your favorite foods without feeling discomfort after the meal. 

Change How You Eat Bacon

Managing your acid reflux doesn’t mean giving up your favorite foods entirely. Instead, foods that trigger acid reflux symptoms are best eaten in moderation or in smaller quantities. You can also change when you eat trigger foods, like bacon, chocolate, or coffee. Aim to eat these kinds of foods for lunch or breakfast, rather than dinner. Definitely try to avoid eating acid reflux triggers before bedtime. Eating these kinds of foods earlier in the day will keep the food from traveling up your esophagus when lying down. 

Consider Other Meats

While they don’t offer the exact same taste as bacon, there are many meats that are considered to be more acid reflux friendly. Foods like turkey, chicken, and fish are less likely to cause problems with acid reflux. This is especially true if you don’t fry the meats. If you’re really craving bacon, though, then turkey bacon is a potentially better option than traditional bacon for acid reflux. 

Try Bacon Alternatives

While turkey bacon is a possible option for reducing acid reflux symptoms, you might also try new bacon options and recipes that don’t involve meat at all. There are plant-based bacon alternatives that provide as much of the taste of real bacon as possible without actually being bacon. Just look for vegan or vegetarian bacon at your local store. Many of these brands use tempeh, tofu, rice paper, or even coconut to make tasty bacon substitutes. Plus, these alternatives are often heart-healthy and better for your digestive health, too. 

Finding the Right Foods for Acid Reflux

When you’re first diagnosed with acid reflux or GERD, one of the first things your doctor will do is look at your diet. Lifestyle changes can be extremely helpful for treating acid reflux. While you may have to adjust or change how you eat certain foods, there are many other foods that can actually help you control your symptoms. These foods include:

  • Foods high in fiber, such as oatmeal, broccoli, and beans
  • Less acidic foods, including bananas, potatoes, and spinach
  • Low-fat dairy products that can soothe the throat and improve digestive health, like probiotics, fat free yogurt, and fat free milk

Need more information on the right foods for acid reflux? Here’s what to avoid in your diet in order to better manage your symptoms. 

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